#nailart.. Aan het bedenken of ik er nog iets mee ga doen ja of nee.. Voor nu gewoon lekker wit :D
Mama heeft weer een aantal mooie fotos gemaakt! Thanks @mirjamhaaf 
Here I come!!! 
Aannndddd #Finish!! #rainbowrun
Halfway through! #areyouyellow!! #rainbowrun
Nederlanddd!! #hupholland #leeuwen #bermudadriehoek

Ready for tomorrow, match against Australia! Which is funny because I have family living in Australia!! 

Qotd, what do you expect? #anypredictions?
Spijt me zeer maar het spel van die Spanjaarden is amateuristisch as fuck! 

Toch blijf ik duimen, onze Nederlandse mannetjes gaan het doen!

New outfits!! #bershka 

I’m soooo happy with these clothes!! 

~ Always Be True To Yourself ~
Quick drawing I made in class, took me about 10 minutes

Pretty happy with the outcome though! 
Saw this cute and beautiful picture and decided to draw it. 

Lions are definately beautiful creatures.. And I think I am not the only one who thinks that.
Took my first Cambridge exam today with my best friend.. Went pretty well if I do say so myself!


Nice Hairstyle for prom 2013

Beautiful, want to do this for my prom!! but how? :(
#Goodmorning everybody!!

~ I’m On My Phone 24/7 ~
" Lekker mee uit lunchen genomen door @femke_havelaar. Nu bij de film!"

Took my mum (@mirjamhaaf) out for lunch yesterday, after lunch we went to the shopping center. 
Later that afternoon, we went to the cinema :D 
#Hartenstraat (It’s a dutch film)
I’m in Berlin this week!!  

Having a fun time over here with lots of people! Seen much. Having a drink right now, byeeee
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